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We aim to maintain a pool of up to 30 mediators from diverse backgrounds all of whom must have completed an accredited mediation course. Mediators, working in teams of two or three, are expected to undertake

pre-meetings and facilitate joint mediations with clients. Mediators need good communication and inter-personal skills.


When resources allow we train our own volunteer community mediators. We are not planning another training group currently until finances enable this. If you wish to be considered for the next training group then you can contact us with your details and ask to be added to the waiting list. This is a popular volunteering opportunity so there are always more applicants for training than places available.


Alternatively, the London Community Mediation Council (LCMC) provides suitable community mediation training at a cost effective price, details of which can be found on their website www.lcmc.org.uk when courses are available.


When our pool is low then from time to time we do accept applicants who have trained in mediation on other recognised accredited mediation skills courses.


If you can supply evidence of successful completion of such a course then you may be invited for an informal interview and, in groups of four, called in to take part in an independent assessment exercise to see if you have potential to be an EMS volunteer mediator.



Volunteering With Ealing Mediation Service


Trustees of the Board


Current Membership:


Chair - Simeon Gann

Treasurer - Marion Hardy

Others - Samantha Stotland, Munawar Sheik, David Lines, Caroline Haywood,

Jo Bennett and Emma Neilson.

Ealing Council also send a regular rep to observe our Board meetings.

The current rep is Paul Murphy.


Our Board is made up of volunteers who have an interest in mediation and a mix of the necessary skills to govern a small Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The Board takes overall responsibility for the organisation's staffing, the governance of the service including strategy, business planning, risk register, health & safety, policy review, work programme and finances.


Interested persons should contact us by e-mail or 'phone for more details and are encouraged to speak with our Chair and observe a meeting before formal application and interview. The existing Board believes strongly in regular attendance and team players.



Other Volunteering Opportunities


We offer other volunteering opportunities to those who are able to undertake the following roles:-


Publicity ambassadors - flexible, various hours, day or evening (need to be able to travel around Ealing visiting public places, delivering publicity materials and introducing the Service to pre-determined  publicity points).


We also take one or two work experience placements a year, usually in July, through EBSI or the Education development Trust or through direct contact from the applicant.  


You can contact us for more details or look at the national volunteering website Do-It.  


management committee