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Quotes From Referrers


Comments below have been received via feedback forms from ASB officers, police officers, noise officers, housing officers, victim support officers.


"I appreciate your time taken to contact both parties, carry out the meeting and summarise - your involvement was, as usual, very helpful"


"Mediation is a super effective tool to resolve neighbour disputes"      


"Thank you for your help! As always, you are a fantastic service which we always recommend to colleagues, partner agencies and members of the public"


"EMS was unable to agree mutually acceptable dates for the tenants, neither tenant was willing or able to compromise sufficiently enough. Would have been good if some form of shuttle diplomacy had been offered to try and at least start a dialogue" (Please note that in this case EMS tried to arrange mediation but neither party willing to compromise and come at the same time as the other making face to face or shuttle impossible).              


"Both residents have given me positive feedback on the mediation and we have not had any issues since the meeting. All in all, very good news!"


"You always do your best and provide an excellent service"                                          


"Your services are excellent as ever. It's quite a challenge dealing with some members of the public & you do your level best to meet their needs"


"This is great news!"






Quotes From Clients


"Thanks for the service you provided, I found it very useful and insightful. It helped me understand how our tenant feels about the organisation and me in particular, hopefully the mediation will help going forward. When I attended the mediation I was nervous but the staff helped put me at ease which I really appreciated - Once again a huge thanks!"  


"Thank you for your help but, as you can understand, it speaks volumes that our neighbour is not prepared to meet and resolve this on going matter"


"EMS was a great help in listening to a problem we had with a neighbour. This has now been resolved. I will be passing on EMS' number to friends and family if needed in the future"                


"Thank you very much for your time and understanding.  It was very good to speak about the problem and our fears, it was almost therapeutic. Your organisation is excellent. Our very best wishes for the future"                    


"It is a shame that my neighbour did not decide to pursue mediation, your efforts are however much appreciated, as is your understanding"


"I think this is a very useful service, and so good that volunteers give their time"              


"I am very grateful for all the kindness I received from all the mediation team. I thank you very much for helping to sort out the problems"


"We very much appreciated the mediation service………we would very much like to ask your organisation that the case remain open as we feel we might need your service one day as long as the neighbour agrees to it"                  


"No one came to see me, I don't know how your service works but I did not get any satisfaction" (Unjustified comment as mediation was fully explained to this client but she was frustrated because her neighbour would not respond to us or accept offer of mediation and we could not take enforcement action on her behalf).  


"Thank you for your attempts"


"Thank you for the service, it was all positive"                


"I am being more mindful than I was before of the noises I may make. I hope my neighbour is willing to do the same. This hope is helping me cope better"                            


"The fact that mediation did not work for me is in no way the result of anything EMS did or said, it is solely down to my neighbour not wanting to engage"                        


"I feel a future session would be of benefit so we can talk about how things have progressed and hopefully improved since the first session, however I think it would benefit if our housing officer attended this time. I would like to thank all EMS staff for their time, patience and understanding" (Another session with the Housing Officer was subsequently arranged and full agreement reached).              


"I was disappointed that my neighbours did not respond….in our dispute it was the only way forward, however, I benefited from talking to EMS and I'm glad that this service is available for Ealing residents"                            




"The mediators were both very nice women and although they remained impartial I felt their sympathy which I was grateful for"                      


"I was first contacted in December regarding mediation, received no communication, then told mediation would not occur in mid-February" (Unjustified comment as this client was elusive when first contacted  and was then contacted by us December - February by e-mails, telephone conversation and letter to explain case status)              


"Thank you to the mediators, the ladies were all very skilled at facilitating the the session with my neighbours. After more than 2 years of unsuccessful attempts to communicate with my neighbours I finally feel more comfortable and safe in my own home"    


"I appreciate the time and effort on my case, it is a shame my neighbour did not wish to take part, although at this time her noise has decreased - possibly as a result of being contacted by the mediation service"                  


"The mediation service wrote to the neighbours on three occasions inviting them to discuss this matter, but they did not respond. However, I can advise that at present all is well. I would like to thank the amazing staff for their kindness and excellent support I received. It is a wonderful service and I highly recommend it"          


"The lady I spoke to on the 'phone was extremely helpful and understanding"              


"I would like to thank you for trying and provide positive feedback, you did everything you could to assist"                    


"Thank you and your team for the help you gave our family in stopping ASB in our street. The noise has stopped and we no longer have visitors at 3-5 o'clock in the mornings coming and going. All the other neighbours affected have also been pleased with the outcome and I thank you on their behalf. The EMS team has proven to be very effective in letting unsociable neighbours realise the problems they cause and hope the level of service continues throughout the borough"                      


"The situation has improved....things are a lot better so far and hope they stay that way"  




Quotes From Workshop Participants


"All useful, nothing not enjoyable"      


"All information was useful"  


"Very thorough!"    


"Presentation style was well spaced"      


"Practical information"                              


"I enjoyed it all a great deal"  


"The training was thought provoking"


"DVD good relax break whilst still learning a lot"


"So useful, really good trainer and handouts"    


"I liked being moved to work with different people for exercises"  


"The couse was well paced & informative, it was entertaining, thought provoking and very relevant".          


"All parts of the training session were enjoyable, all queries were answered during the session"                                      


"Group participation was very enjoyable, encouraged people to voice their answers"                  


"The training was clear and concise, I enjoyed the tasks and joint working"  

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