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Several primary schools were contacted and Dairy Meadow and Havelock Primary Schools in Southall, were chosen for the first phase. The programme started in Dairy Meadow School in September 2016 and in Havelock School from January 2017.


A second tranche of funding was approved in March 2017 to enable us to proceed  with two more schools in 2017/18 and a third tranche of funding was approved in August 2018.


Work started in Woodlands Academy in June 2017 and in St.John's Primary School in September 2017. Work started in Blair Peach PrimarySchool in October 2018 and in Viking PrimarySchool in January 2019.Our peer mediation trainers have all had experience working for mediation services.

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Peer Mediation

The purpose of this project is to train children within their own schools to act as mediators amongst their peers and help resolve low level disputes, thus preventing bullying, isolation and anxiety.  


The programme can be adapted to suit primary, secondary or college pupils; it has been written with a whole school approach so that all staff and pupils are aware of how it works and are encouraged to support and promote it.

Following an initial City Bridge Trust fiunded project, we have continued this project from 2016/17 with funding from John Lyon's Charity. Funding has been granted for a three year, six schools project, commencing April 2016.

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The Peer Mediation Project

How It All Began..