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If you live in the London Borough of Ealing then you can access free at the point of entry community mediation via referral by the Council, the police, your registered social landlord, voluntary sector organisations or by self-referral.


The costs of such referrals will be met by our current grant aided arrangements or by the landlord/agency.


Where cases are not covered by grant aid then charges are made on a case by case basis; there may be additional costs for cancelled appointments, venue hire, interpreters, etc.


If you live in Brent, Harrow, Hillingdon or Hounslow and wish to access our service then you can contact your local Council, police or registered social landlord to see if they will refer your case.  If not, then you may wish to consider self-referring. Cases cost £675 per case, by staged up front payment, and additional charges may apply for venue hire, interpreters, etc. The case must be suitable for community mediation - to resolve behaviours and/or communication issues.


To start a case an initial fee of £150 must be paid by the initiating party and, with their permission, we will contact the other party to introduce them to our service, explain mediation and invite them to take part, chasing them twice for their decision if it is not initially forthcoming.


If both parties agree to take part then separate meetings with each party will take place subject to a further fee of £150. If both parties then proceed to a joint or shuttle mediation then a further fee of £375 will be charged. These fees will usually be split between the parties  to ensure that the overall case fee per party is equal. All fees must be paid up front and are based on the meetings being held here in Greenford, otherwise alternative venue costs must be covered by the parties.

How Much Does Mediation Cost?