Helping People Communicate Effectively Without Conflict

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To help people communicate without conflict.

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Community Mediation

Peer Mediation in Schools

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EMS was formerly a Registered Charity (Charity No.1057438).  At our AGM on 9th July 2016, our members voted unanimously to apply to the Charity Commission to become a Charitable Incorporated Organsation, a CIO, and this application was approved by the Chairty Commission. As a result we became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) from 1st December 2016 (Charity No. 1169518).

Our Overall Aim

Our Mission Statement


Charitable Status

Our Vision Statement

To provide a fully accessible, independent, impartial, confidential community mediation service, to quality assured standards, to all residents within the London Borough of Ealing (and where negotiated, in other local boroughs).


To train local residents to gain the skills required to mediate and empower local people to communicate and resolve their differences in a peaceful manner.


To work with partners to raise awareness of mediation and its benefits within the local community and diversify the service into new areas.

To be the centre of expertise on community-based mediation, alternative approaches to dispute and conflict resolution, and related training within the London Borough of Ealing

Zero-Tolerance Statement

Ealing Mediation Service has a zero-tolerance

approach to aggression, harassment, abuse,

violence or anti-social behaviour towards our

staff and volunteers.


EMS is committed to:


Ownership and responsibility of staff and volunteer safety.


Introducing preventative measures to minimise risks to staff and our volunteers.


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