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To monitor the success of our work, Ealing Mediation Service follows up all mediation cases with requests for feedback from both clients and referrers. This allows us to ensure a continuous quality of service and also to check on the success of the mediations over time.


The last analysis was carried out in July 2019 based on all feedback received April - March 2018/19 and forms part of our annual report.


Based on a sample of 6 referral agencies and 41 separate clients:


- 100% found our Service helpful or better,

- 100% felt properly informed about case progress,

- 100% found it beneficial to engage with our Service/mediators,

- 100% gained at least one benefit and 44%of clients and 66.7% f referrers gained three of more benefits from using our Service,

- 100% of referrers and clients would recommend/use our Service again.


Based on a sample of 6 referral agencies, 41 clients and a further 24 partners attending mediation awareness training:

- 91.3% felt our Service aids the reduction of anti-social behaviour,

- 100% felt that our Service assists to improve overall quality of life

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Feedback Analysis